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5 Great Things About Being Single We Take For Granted

I know how hard it is to be without a significant other. Being single can be alienating, lonely and discouraging. However, it doesn't always have to be this depressing. With a change in perspective, your time as a single can be empowering and insightful.

Millennial Dating Is Screwing Me Over

As a single girl living in Boston, I am cursed (or gifted, depending on your perspective) with the pressure of finding a companion. I bought a cat to help fight the lonely blues, but he is only good for the cuddling.

I Might Be Haunted By My Past Relationships, But I Know That It's Not Forever

I was in the type of relationship that seemed normal until I got out. I thought conflict, mistrust, and jealousy were typical hindrances of a relationship. I began to believe that manipulation, secrecy, and emotional distress were hurdles every couple had to overcome.

A Reminder To Anyone Who Has Ever Been Called Overemotional

I have spent the past few years of my single life trying to harden my own soul. I find myself becoming more and more detached and impassive, rather than welcoming a full spectrum of emotions. And lately, I have been asking myself why? Why are women sacrificing the most beautiful part about being female?

When You're Losing Your Friend To Her Boyfriend

Most women will tell you they abide by the "girl code". You know, the code of moral guidelines that assure friends-forever status? There are many unspoken agreements, but the most commonly broken rule is chicks before dicks. Sure, it all sounds good as shared by two single girls over a glass of wine.

What It Means To Have Emotional Baggage

You allowed someone into your private little world of feelings. You opened the door and let them walk right into your heart. You loved and you trusted. You allowed yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions and you felt them all so deeply. You were consumed by these feelings.