Three Perks to a First Date

I’ve been on my fair share of first dates. Some were much better than others. But I’ve always loved riding the high after a successful first date. Whether it was a blind date, tinder date, or just someone I met at a bar the week before, that initial encounter is always an experience.

Feeling Important

Having a period of time where it is socially acceptable to talk about myself for 2 hours is a breath of fresh air. It actually may be the only time outside of a job interview where I’m given that opportunity. It is not necessarily an ego-based thing, but more the thrill of having someone stare at me intently and hang on my every word. My weird childhood stories now become epic tales and my favorite foods, movies, and hobbies become major details to my own biography. Someone sits in front of me, genuinely intrigued by what I have to say. For once, it is nice to feel important. To feel like my likes, dislikes, and ideas are meaningful and that they matter. That I matter. And on that very first date with bachelor #1, for 2-4 hours, I indeed do matter.

Meeting New People

People are interesting. People are weird. People are mysterious and unique and mundane all at the same time. The more people I’m able to meet, however, the more I learn about myself. Everyone I talk to comes with their own knowledge, ideas, culture, beliefs, and quirks. I learn something from even the worst people in the world. I learned something from that weird guy who got drunk, started speaking in an Irish accent and left me at a bar (I mainly learned to never talk to him again). I learned from the guy that had $3 in his bank account and couldn’t afford his half of the bill. I took away something from the many men who ghosted me. Meeting people is both exciting and exhausting. But there’s 7.3 billion people in this world and something to learn from each and every one.

The Details

How I love an excuse to dress up, wear make-up, and eat good food.  I love coffee dates, lunch dates, dinner dates, walks around the park trail, ice cream on a summer night, trips to a museum, prancing around a bookstore, and other miscellaneous outings. I love the effort both parties put into their appearance and behavior. I love that there is never any expectations. I could be a totally different person if I really wanted to. There is no commitment, no preconceived notions. Everything just is.

Samantha Clark